09 June, 2015

Time Management

Are you too busy to do your assignments? Or too worried about producing a perfect piece of work? Some of the English for Uni team have put together a video about time management. The video features 7 characters whom you might relate to:

Busy Bertie is a single father with six children under the age of 5. He works full time, plays the guitar in a rock band, has a part time job as a website designer and volunteers twice a week at a centre for homeless koalas.

Helpful Hattie can never say no, so she is extremely busy cooking meals for her friends, watering their plants, walking their dogs and doing their shopping. She also lets them copy her assignments. (A very bad move.)

Lazy Laura can't be bothered to work and would rather buy an essay off the internet. (Another very bad move!)

Party Patty just wants to have fun, but her parents want her to be a lawyer.

Perfect Pedro never submits his assignments on time because they are never good enough for his high standards (or the standards of his Dragon Mother).

Puzzled Paul doesn't know how to use a computer, so he cannot keep up with his coursework, but he doesn't want to ask for help.

Tired Tina is in the wrong time zone and cannot get to sleep. 

Do you identify with any of these characters? What advice would you give them?

You can see the full video here.

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