22 August, 2014

New movies coming!

This has been an exciting week of filming.

Last Saturday we filmed a version of the popular Chinese dating show 'Fei Cheng Wu Rao' (known as 'If You are the One' in Australia), with one male contestant and three lovely ladies:

What a perfect vehicle for teaching about conditional forms.

After that, we filmed a talent show that will be used for teaching the use of tenses in academic writing:
Look out for Adelaide's own Really Really Terrible Quartet and the wonderful Prince Wolfgang and the Medics, all competing to win 'You've got Talent'.

Our next stop was the historic Carrick Hill property, where we filmed 'With a Revolver in the Library' - look out for the movie in October to find out what happened to chef Harumi Kaga (and to learn more about prepositions).

There'll be three new movies and a new song out in October, along with grammar exercises and explanations!

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